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Noyce Mathematics Teaching Scholarship Application
You are required to fill in all the fields of this application.

Attention graduate students: In order to be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must also apply to the NCSU MAT or MEd program.  Application for the Noyce scholarship is a different process than application to the NCSU program.

Biographical Information
Which Noyce scholarship are you applying for?
Have you been accepted to an initial licensure program at NCSU?
First Name
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Last Name
Email Address
Are you a resident of North Carolina?
Academic Information
Level of Education
Undergraduate GPA
Undergraduate Major(s)
Mathematics/Statistics GPA
Graduate GPA
Graduate Major(s)
Scholarship Application Questions
Please answer the following questions using no more than the equivalent of two (2) typed pages to complete all answers.

Submit a short essay that addresses the following:

(1) your experience working with youth;

(2) why you are interested in being a highschool mathematics teacher;

(3) why you are interested in teaching in a high needs district; and

(4) the greatest challenges and rewards of teaching.

General Information
How did you hear about the Noyce Program at NCSU?
Submit three letters of recommendation, two that address academic strengths, and one that addresses character and commitment to youth in informal and formal teaching settings.
Non-NCSU applicants may mail recommendations and formal transcripts to: Dr. Karen Hollebrands
Box 7801
Poe 502F
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695
NCSU applicants may deliver recommendations and informal transcripts to Emily Thrasher's box in Poe Hall Suite 502


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